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About is a central source for high impact resources that will help turn your homeschooling struggles into sure successes.

How does it work?

Because children are simply unable to learn well when their educational needs are not being adequately met, a Homeschool Rescue involves three essential steps:
     1. Screening the student of concern for any unidentified learning needs, 
     2.  Identifying learning resources that precisely match their identified learning needs, and then
     3. Implementing those resources exactly as prescribed.

What are the essential components of the Homeschool Rescue program?      

The first component of a Homeschool Rescue is our flagship screening instrument, the Educational Needs Screening Inventory (ENSI). It:
     a) quickly and accurately identifies potential learning barriers,
     b) describes their nature, and
     c) details practical techniques and strategies to address and resolve them.

The second component is our searchable database of High Impact Resources. It draws upon the very best instructional resources available on the internet, and allows the ENSI user to quickly identify specific homeschooling resources to precisely target the student’s identified educational needs.

The third component of a Homeschool Rescue is consistently applying the selected resource(s) in the manner prescribed by your ENSI report.     

If you are a homeschooling provider:

  1. click here to begin the ENSI screening of a student of your choosing, and then 

  2. return to this site and use your ENSI results to search for the the exact Homeschooling Resources you need.

If you are an invited visitor to this site, or a verified applicant:

  1. click here to experience the speed and incredible power of this important educational resource by completing a complementary administration of the ENSI for a student of your choosing and/or,

  2. click here to post your site information into our searchable database of High Impact Homeschooling Resources.

If you are a casual visitor to this site, and currently host a high quality homeschooling resource website:

  1. complete this application form if you would like a full page ad for your site to appear in our searchable database.

  2. Verified providers will also be given the opportunity to complete a complementary administration of the ENSI for a student of their choosing.

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