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How to identify your child’s learning needs in minutes!

What is the ENSI?

The ENSI is a screening instrument that was designed:
12345a) to help physicians, teachers, counsellors and other professionals working with students to develop a better understanding of that student’s possible educational needs, and
12345b) to offer suggestions for constructive actions that are appropriate for each of the areas of potential concern detected.


The ENSI is suitable for use with students in kindergarten through the ninth grade, who range from five through 15 years of age. The individual providing information on the ENSI should know the student well, and be familiar with the student’s developmental history.

What areas are screened?

The ENSI screens for “Possible” and “Likely” problems across the following areas:
a) Global learning rate (including: above-average and below-average learning rates)
b) Learning problems (including: auditory-verbal, visual-motor, and nonspecific learning problems, as well as general learning skill deficits)
c) Attention and Behaviour problems (including “internalizing”, “externalizing”  and “nonspecific” behaviour problems), and
d) Adjustment problems (including general maladjustment and social/cultural disadvantage).


The ENSI results are reported in two ways. The ‘Summary’ report option provides a concise tabled and graphical record of the obtained results. It is ideally suited for use by physicians and administrators. The narrative, ‘Full Report’ option includes the same graphical and tabled summary of findings, but it also describes all of the areas of potential concern that are detected; and details practical strategies and step-by-step action plans to address them.

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